The lamp with really all in one and that full plug & play. The lamp is composed of two white color LED and RGB * and is fully IP68 waterproof. The lamps can be placed directly in a T5 or T8 luminaire.

The technical data in a row:
•Cable: 1X 2 meter power jack 1x 2 meter RGB. These can be attached to the power adapter with a (supplied) adapter cable
•Color: 4.000K and 7.000K white and RGB (adjustable with controller)
•Type Led: Epistar 5050 SMD LED
•Lumen: 102 lumen per watt
•Watertightness: IP68
•Temperature: The lamp turns warm, like all other LED lights. The Goldline is provided with cooling ribs at the back to drain this heat. The heat is provided with sufficient space to “breathe” not affect the life span.
•Confirmation: The lamps can be attached to the current TL holders (T5 and T8).

(* The RGB function is only available in combination with our controller)