The latest HVPaqua lamps are custom-made for HVPaqua, using only high-quality products.

The lamps have a sealing layer and are therefore water resistant to IP68. In addition, the lamps are fitted with a two meter long connecting cord, which makes the lamps easy to close under the aquarium / paludarium. Our lamps, relative to the other providers, are more suitable for the aquarium / paludarium because they:
• Give more and better light
• Better fit (4 cm shorter)
• The best materials are used
• Extra energy-saving
• Advantageously priced

In short: A super product for the best price. What are you waiting for?

The RGB LED beams have two goals: creating atmosphere and growing plants. The RGB LED beams have in each LED 3 colors: Red, Green and Blue. The colors are individually adjustable and can therefore give 1001 different types of light. Very nice for sunrise and sunset, for example. The red color is necessary for growing plants. If you have an aquarium with plants, always choose a RGB LED bar.

Replace the current number of T8 or T5 lamps for the same number of white or blue / white LED beams and add a RGB LED bar to create atmosphere and / or plant growth.

Example: 4x T8 on 150cm = 4x LED beam white or blue / white on 146cm + 1x LED beam RGB on 146cm.

NOTE: These lamps work at 12V and are therefore not usable in our 24V lamps such as the Power LED and Goldline lamps.