Our 5 channel LED Controller is suitable for both our 12V and 24V. This controller is programmable 24 hours with the supplied software. Ideal to simulate sunrise and demise. On this controller you can program 5 different channels as you like. You can connect multiple lamps per channel if desired.

In the page manuals on this website you can download a user manual and already pre-programmed schedules.

Creating sunrise and downfall creates a beautiful effect and suddenly the stress of fish suddenly disappears and goes out of your lighting.

The controller comes with the following items:
• Controller 5 Channel
• software
• USB cable
• Dutch manual
• Dutch connection schedule

In short, everything to connect your lamps and to start.

On this controller, you can not connect more than 48W to the 12V lamps per channel. For the 24V lamps, maximum 96W per channel applies.

NOTE: The software is only available for Windows. It is not possible to use it on another operating system.