LED beam blue / white

The blue / white LED beams are used to create atmosphere / color in the aquarium. For example, blue / white is widely used in cichlid aquariums. The white LEDs are 7.000K and the blue LEDs 460-480Nm.

Replace the current number of T8 or T5 fluorescent lamps for the same number of white or blue / white LED beams.
Example: 4x T8 per 150cm = 4x LED beam white or blue / white on 146cm.

The latest HVPaqua lamps are custom-made for HVPaqua, using only high-quality products.

The lamps have a sealing layer and are therefore water resistant to IP68. In addition, the lamps are fitted with a two meter long connecting cord, which makes the lamps easy to close under the aquarium / paludarium. Our lamps, relative to the other providers, are more suitable for the aquarium / paludarium because they:

Provide more and better light
Better fit (4 cm shorter)
Best materials are used
Extra energy-saving are
Advantageously priced

In short: A super product for the best price. What are you waiting for?