Coral LED Blue / White

With great pride we present our Coral LED beams, especially for sea aquariums. After long research and development, we have been able to test these lamps at a number of stores in the Netherlands above coral tables and showaquaria. The travel outlet is great: the corals grow well, the aquariums are adequately illuminated and the fish are beautiful to their right.

The Coral LED Beams Blue / White feature 20,000K and 460Nm – 480Nm LEDs; an ultimate combination of the two main colors for a marine aquarium. The ratio white to blue is 1: 2. The blue / white coral LED beams are available in 1W and 2W powerled variants. The LED beams with 1W power LEDs are especially suitable for soft coral aquariums and a water height up to 60 cm. The LED beams with 2W power LEDs are suitable for the higher aquariums and hard coral aquariums.

The LED beams with HVP power LEDs are distinguished by the fact that they are fully dimmable (day and night), as they are used to HVP AQUA, they are made of the best components and cost-effective.

In short: what are you waiting for?