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About KH + pH  Buffer It is a highly concentrated, fast dissolving powder which increases alkalinity (carbonate  hardness) and stabilizes the pH at the correct value. In these ways it contributes significantly to the health of all aquarium  inhabitants including corals, coralline algae and fish.

Within 24 hours it  will acquire the pH corresponding to other aquarium parameters. Should the pH  remain low within 24 hours of corrective measures then an insufficient gaseous  exchange (inefficient aeration) is quite often the cause.

Dosage: Depending on the package either a measuring beaker (gradation marks at 10 and 20  ml) or a scoop is included (7 level scoops = 10 ml). Add it in high flow area or  pre-dissolve it in some freshwater (4 fl. oz. of water for each 10 ml of powder).
Every 10 ml powder per 25 gallons will approximately increase the alkalinity by  1.2 meq/L. This corresponds to an increase in carbonate hardness by 3.3 German Carbonate  Hardness (dKH).
To keep your corals and beautiful encrusting algae in good health you should  maintain an alkalinity of approx. 2.8 – 3.2 meq/L or 7.8 – 9 dKH expressed in  German carbonate hardness value. The Salifert KH/Alk Profi-Test allows you to measure in 0.1 meq/L increments.