Categories: Marine suppliments

With Nyos® GOLDPODS you get a liquid zoological plankton concentrate from the pure waters of the Arctic seas, which can be used directly. GOLDPODS contain the calanoid copepods Calanus finmachicus (2 mm in size). This provides ideal nutrition for numerous sensitive seawater fish and LPS corals.

Extremely practical and time-saving in its application: It can be added directly to the tank with the enclosed dosing cup or pipette.  Thawing is unnecessary.

GOLDPODS are best suitable for

Numerous delicate carnivorous and omnivorous fish species (e.g. anthias)
and LPS corals and azoox corals. In general, these show strong polyp expansions directly after feeding.

Recommendations for use:
GOLDPODS can be fed directly, for example by means of a pipette or dosage cup. Alternatively, GOLDPODS can first be diluted with aquarium water in a separate container and then added.

Feed fish sparingly many time a day. Feed LPS corals with a pipette after turning off the current 1-2 times per week, directly and in small amounts.

Individual feed (Calanus finmarchicus) for ornamental seawater fish and corals. Ingredients: Moisture 80%, crude protein 11.4%, crude fat 5.4%, crude fibre 2%, crude ash 1.2%. Additives: Anti-oxidants, colouring, preservatives.

Store in a cool and dark place before and after opening.