Categories: U.V.Filters

Ultra Violet Sterilizer is used to cleanse the water by killing bacteria,parasites and other micro-organisms.The asvcantage of UV sterilizeris that water must pass through the chamber in order to kill organisms.Therefore,your biological filter should remain unaffected.However,UV sterilizer should only be used on established aquariums or ponds.

HAQOS new redesigned UV sterilizers come with compact design,stylish outlook with shining silver painting ,outstanding efficiency and advanced improvement for dual applications,various connector hoses diameter for different pump or filter matching,unique 360 degree rotatable body design with perfect water leakage proof ,easy operation and maintenance,essential equipment to keep your aquarium or pood water crystal clear.


Unique 360 degree rotatable body design.
Dual applications: in-line and hang-on installation.
Internal special structure design for ideal water flow direction, enhance unit working function.
Unit body (reaction chamber, water valves etc.) complete with ultraviolet resistant.
Transparent water valves for easy operation display.
Perfect water leakage proof design.
UV bulb and external independent electronic ballast included.
Available in 9W, 18W and 36W versions
Suitable for pond, pool and freshwater or saltwater aquariums.