The most popular desktop design aquarium kit creates a fabulous display instantly, integrated with powerful overhead filtration system, compact fluorescent lighting and bio sponge filter media. It offers an ideal dimension for tropical or marine fishes keeping. An essential aquarium starter kit for young hobbyist. Perfect for home or office decoration.


Seamless bending corner glass tank body.
Compact Fluorescent Lighting System.
Quick- to-Fit Overhead Filtration System.
Power Filter with Air Regulator.
Detachable Spray Bar and Bio Sponge Included.
Easy Access Feeding Flip Cover.
Capacity: 16 liters

Dimensions: 300 (L) x 235(W) x 345(H) mm

Lighting System: 2U/9W Tropical Light x 1

Filtration System: Overhead Filter TF300

Color available in white, black, silver and Pink