Categories: Pond products

Professional pump for use in waterfalls and filtration systems, provided with an electronic control device which analyses the working conditions. The powerful mono-directional rotor, the special oriented impeller and the tangential water output give the pump exceptional performance with remarkable low consumption. Engineered with the most advanced technical solutions and the best materials, this pump can work constantly during the whole year, removing particle up to 8 mm size. It can be used completely submersed or externally. Removable front grid. The motor is equipped with an electronic device (thermal protector), which protects the pump from overheating. Water output can be rotated by 90° (upper and lateral) for more versatility of the pump. Provided with a 1” – 1 ¼” ( Ø 25 mm – 32 mm) hose barb that allows connection both to inlet and outlet hoses. Special tool provided to aid easy maintenance included in the box.