Categories: Submersible Pumps

HAQOS WATER PUMP SERIES offers outstanding value coupled with multifunctional features. Compact design with submersible and in-line applications. Wearable ceramic shaft ensures realiable and quiet operation. Lower power consumption with high water output rate. Maximum Safety provided by thermal protecting again overheating. Suitalbe for both freashwater and marine aquarium.

Aquarium and Fountain Pump.
Submersible or in-line applications.
Safe for fish and fountains, not oil filled.
New, Energy efficient and reliable design.
Quiet operation, High Performance.

Model Power Qmax Hmax
MP-2200 34W 2180 l/hr 1.9m
MP-3700 65W 3700 l/hr 2.2m
MP-4700 106W 4675 l/hr 3.4m